We grabbed a few shots of the Memorial Park Fireworks in 2022.

Crepuscular Rays Over Omaha

Did you see that sunset in Omaha last night…Spectacular! I just happened to have a camera in the air and snapped a few shots. The evening thunderstorms scattered just the right concentration of clouds to create dramatic crepuscular rays. Let’s hear it for summer!

Summer Arts

Omaha Summer Arts Festival 2022

High Note was able to get this great shot of the turnout for the Omaha Summer Arts Festival last weekend. We love the opportunity to visit with so many talented artists and sample some of the amazing food!


Finally it feels like spring is here to stay! We couldn’t wait to get out and shoot some gorgeous Nebraska scenery as the land slowly wakes up from winter. We hope you’ve also been able to get outside and enjoy the warmer weather.

Acreage pond in spring.
Nebraska Creek

Safety is always a forethought

We’re still dealing with the chill of winter here in the Midwest. This weekend we had a shoot by near Sioux City airport, which requires special authorization. Here our pilot is retreating to the warmth of the car while waiting for clearance from air traffic control. At High Note, you can rest assured that all our flights are legal, properly insured and conducted with the highest standards of safety.

Heavy Equipment

Even though we are all grown up, watching big machines like this still brings out the kid in us! We have been to numerous job sites over the past few months capturing video of the job site as well as a great deal of heavy equipment hard at work. Getting to see these rigs up close and from the air is still a thrill for us. We just wanted to share a few quick clips.

What’s New at High Note?

We had an exciting delivery this week! We routinely upgrade our aircraft to make sure we provide the absolute best quality for our clients and this new drone is a fantastic addition to our fleet. We are excited to get out and shoot with the new and improved camera as well as operate with even more safety features. This update will also give us more time in the air so we can get even more stunning shots.

What is it?

Just the other day, we were doing a shoot in Council Bluffs IA, just south of Eppley; yes we had authorization. It’s about 9:30, I put my drone (UAV) in the air and check stability, hovering at around 50 ft. Then my colleague and I notice something next to it, but higher up…several thousand feet in the air…it’s not moving…The winds were from the south at about 15 MPH and the clouds were blowing North…this object was stationary for several minutes….My colleague took this photo with is iPhone. It appeared spherical but was slightly larger than what the picture below shows. It easily stood out and both of us noticed it. After about 10 minutes moved slightly South then we lost sight of it in the contrail. We couldn’t figure out what it was. What do you think it was?

Don’t miss out

We’ve been busy shooting real estate this summer and loved these shots. Green grass always makes for a great picture but so do the warm reds, oranges and yellows of autumn.

Fall colors are just starting now and don’t last long! Book your private or commercial real estate shoots soon so capitalize on the natual beauty of Mother Nature.

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